Gil Ron Shama &The ‘Soof’ project presents North African, Israeli & Sufi music, played by musicians from different origins, in an uplifting show. Sounds & groove joined with unique video-art , come together to an amazing audio-visual journey . ‘Hafla’ is a middle eastern fest of music&dancing.

A Multicultural Project of

Music * Art * Faith

 Senegal. Morocco. Mali. Israel. Iran.

Offer for Collaboration:

Africa is a mystical land with an innate rhythm and diverse population. The sounds and songs that echo in the heart of the people tell stories of both happiness and despair. Like all continents ravaged by war, Africa too, needs the song of Unity. This strong symbolic word is at the heart of the Soof Project; a project that brings people together using the diverse nature of music from across the continent. The SOOF project has all the visionary foundations that stand at the core of your company. We would love to explore the option that you might become a major sponsor of this international’ worldwide project, that UNITES people

through music and art.

The SOOF project is a multidimensional creation, with both an artistic and an educational approach, offering musical masterpieces, a photography art exhibition, video art, educational children’s books and more.

Wandering through Mali, Senegal, Morocco and the Sahara Desert, the Soof team visited remote areas and big cities (Bamako, Timbuktu, Dakar) recording the sounds and sites of the people and environment they encountered. Bringing the message of peace and unity to the people of the land.

The music album contains 13great tracks, singing in nine different languages and input by well known artists from Israel and around the world. All arranged in one of Israel’s leading studios.

The outcome: An international, intercultural project, which builds

a bridge of unity, between races, nations, and religions.

 Zohar Ron

The Vision:

We can make a difference. Each and every one of us can change the world, by connecting to the other with respect and dignity, finding the common denominator that unites us rather than the qualities that separate us. This is the spirit the SOOF project brings its audiences – through music and art.

The Creators:

Gil Ron Shama is a prominent Israeli musician appointed Goodwill Ambassador in Muslim Countries by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shama’s world-renowned band “Sheva” won Best Live Album of the Year at the 2006 International Music Awards. Living his philosophy of uniting people in places where religion, politics, borders and nationalities lead to conflict, he experiences love and the celebration of creativity. From the burning ashes of fear and distrust, he ignites life through music, words and movement, replacing the agony separation with the joy being of “ONE”.

Zohar Ron is a famous Israeli photographer and artistic director. Over his 15 year career he has been involved in many projects aimed at bringing about world peace and reconciliation. In this exhibition, Zohar Ron explores the central role of dance in African culture, and illuminates the source of rhythm in trees (from which the African drums are built).“The Land of Dancing Trees” takes the viewer on a quiet yet intense journey, deep into the dazzling light, the passionate movement, the timeless music and the eternal soul of Senegal.

The Symbolism:

SOOF (The Red Sea); is the ancient bridge between the Asian and African continents. The biblical book of Exodus tells the story of the Hebrews miraculous crossing of Yam Soof, while escaping from Egypt. However, it is important to see that this crossing was not only of a geographical landmark, the Hebrews also traversed a subconscious landmark – from slavery to freedom, from individuals to a united nation.

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